You guys have changed me! And I thank you for that. This will forever be a great memory to remember... Both professionally and personally. THANKS!!!!



Gulf Center for Human Rights

Thank you so much for the excellent organization of the workshop and especially the teams and their grouping. I’m inspired and I think data is beautiful because of data for change. Thank you!!


Design Participant

It was a whole new world I did not know about it before, thank you all.


Violations Documentation Center in Syria

Creativity. Hope. Collaboration. Ideas. Innovation. Change. Thank you D4C for the most inspiring 5 days of my life.


Sakker El Dekkene

Collaborating with the Small Media team on the D4C workshop was an amazing experience for Visualizing Impact. The synergies between our organisations were a great foundation for the workshop, and Small Media brought tremendous experience to the table in coordinating such an event. They were thorough, meticulous, and professional. The end result was an event that created a strong sense of community, learning, and exchange over the course of just a few days.


Visualizing Impact