The 2014 edition of DATA4CHAN.GE was our first. It took place in London between 19 - 20 November. Four human rights organisations representing Iran, Yemen, and the broader Middle East brought their datasets to the workshop. It was organised by London-based Small Media and partner VISUALIZED, and was hosted at Waterhouse, a canalside venue managed by the Shoreditch Trust.



It is astonishing what can be achieved in two days. Our researchers and creatives invested everything in creating prototypes for the human rights organisations, which focused on a range of rights-based issues from juvenile executions and drones to cybercrime laws and wrongful imprisonment. 





The human rights organisations are the heart and soul of DATA4CHAN.GE. They are on the frontline of human rights defending and the data and information they collect can be harrowing, emotional and often complicated to visualise. For many of them just collecting the data and information in the first place is an act of bravery. Each organisation is represented by up to two individuals who work on data and information gathering as well as advocacy strategy. 


"This was a wonderful example of how good it is to work with a diverse team where everybody adds his or her personal pieces of knowledge to achieve a better outcome."

Designer, London 2014

smex group work.jpg





Mentors are a key part of all workshops, they come from both the private and non-commercial sector and are all experts in their field. Some of the biggest names in data visualisation came to Beirut in 2015 to share their expertise and mentor the workshop participants.