In 2016 we returned for a second edition of DATA4CHANGE Beirut in Ashkal Alwan, a former industrial building neighbouring the Beirut Art Center. 142 incredibly talented people applied to attend the event, making our job that much harder. The final line-up included:

12 activists from six civil society organisations (CSOs) representing issues as diverse as sexual harassment in Egypt (HarassMap), social protests (ECESR), drone strikes in Yemen (Support Yemen), attitudes towards refugees (Amnesty International), misinformation in Sudan (KACE), and peoples under threat (Minority Rights Group)

32 designers, developers, data analysts and storytellers who, along with their CSO representatives, flew in from 14 different countries: Egypt, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nigeria, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, Jordan, USA, UK, France, Norway, Yemen, Sudan, and Malaysia. 

7 trainers and facilitators including Michael Brenner and Ella Hollowood from Beyond Words Studio in London, and Maryam Alkhawaja and Sarah Aoun from Rights Forward.


We were again astounded by the innovation and creativity expressed in such a short space of time. This year our teams produced a range of projects, and there were some ambitious explorations. Many of the teams focused on creating concepts with full documentation that their CSO representatives could return home with to implement with their own staff, rather than the lesser developer interactive prototypes we've seen in past years.

Every project has a strong story to tell, and while they are all unique, we see some common threads. Keep an eye out for upcoming workshops if you're inspired to try your hand at becoming one of our alumni. Click on the screens to explore the six projects below and get a taster for what we do at a DATA4CHANGE workshop.